Friday, July 31, 2009

Papa and Nate Go Canoeing

Nate leading the canoe over shallow waters.

Almost a decade ago, I attended a seminar presentation on planning a father-and-son canoe trip. Led by my friend Mike and his son Ben, they gave testimonies of their experiences while canoeing together in the Canadian wilderness. I have never forgotten the impact "canoe tripping with dad" can have on a son (or daughter). So, when my oldest son turned 8, we had our first trip. It was a truly unforgettable experience. We have since been on one other trip and we are planning our third to Killarney this summer. Now that my second son, Nate, has turned 8, his turn has also come. We went to Algonquin Park this week for our first father-and-son canoe trip. We have been camping together since he was five, but this was his first wilderness expedition with me. We canoed 12 km into the interior of Algonquin Park. We camped on a small island overlooking a cove filled with loons, wood ducks and a blue heron. Despite some rain, we had a marvellous time. We also saw three moose during our trip, two of which swam to our island in the wee hours of the morning.

A moose just a stone's throw from our tent.

In addition to discovering (firsthand!) the beautiful wonders of God's creation, the greatest blessing is the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my son. I hope to learn more about who my son is, and who he is becoming. I also pray that he will witness authentic Christianity by spending every waking (and sleeping) moment with me.

So much wilderness, so little time.


Barbara said...

I loved that. What a beautiful photo of Nate. Hurray for father-son time. Well done, sir.

Mike Wilkins said...

Thanks for sharing, Jer. I'm gratified!

Jeremy W. Johnston said...

...And I am grateful!