Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jonah: Reluctant Prophet, Persistent Rebel

This morning I preached a sermon on Jonah 1: Reluctant Prophet, Persistent Rebel. The key questions I focused on are, do you love your enemies? and do you love your neighbours? Jonah refused to love his enemies (Nineveh) and he overlooked his neighbour (sailors), and so he missed out on the blessings of miraculously successful evangelism (Nineveh) and reaping a full harvest while the field was ripe (sailors).

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Barbara said...

I will certainly be listening to this sermon of yours, dear friend. I have been, for some time now, feeling a real kinship to rotten old Jonah, of which I am ashamed. And from your synopsis here it seems as though you are speaking right to the things I've been learning. And now I really want to have you and Laur over for supper so we can chat face to face. :-)