Monday, April 13, 2009

Satchel, shoulder bag, man-purse?

During spring break, I spent 12 days leading a small group of my students around Great Britain. Consequently, as the lead teacher, I was required to carry a considerable amount of paperwork---medical records, contact information, emergency protocol policies, etc. To facilitate this perpetual lugging of a preponderance of paperwork, I brought along a satchel. Almost immediately my fashion-conscious youth commented on my “man-purse.” To nip this in the bud, I directed their attention to the paragon of masculinity… Indiana Jones. Does Indy carry a “man-purse” or a satchel? ‘Nuff said.

Indiana Jer and the Satchel of Manhood: Stonehenge, England


Barbara said...

That is so funny! I nearly commented on it in the original post on your trip and thought I would leave well enough alone. Laurie and I did talk about it in your absence. We felt you could pull it off. :-)

halfpint said...

Nice alliteration. I dig the bag. L.