Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Wandering Blogger Posts Again...

As of late, I have been engaged with the start-up of the academic year. I am teaching Hamlet to my English students, The Odyssey to my Classical Civilization students and I am teaching about Roman poet Horace to my Latin students. I am delighted to say that I have a wonderful “batch” of students to work with this year.

In addition to school start-up, I am undergoing a crash course in music education. I have been busy researching and preparing a five-week study on the Spirituality and Music of J.S. Bach and George Handel for my church. Over the month of October, I will be presenting this series during the Wednesday Prayer meetings.

As a result, I have put my C.S. Lewis education on hold. My current foray into the world of music is incredibly illuminating. I am certain Lewis wouldn’t mind the short deviation from studying at the Kilns.


Anonymous said...

We are all blessed Wed.evenings at Prayer Meeting as you unfold the gifts that God bestowed upon this man for our good and Gods Glory.
Thank you.

Jeremy W. Johnston said...

Dear anonymous,

Thanks for your encouragement!