Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Binge Reading

I recently purchased a Muskoka chair made of Eon (an indestructible wood-like product). I am able to sit in this chair for hours without incurring back pain. Consequently, I have been “binge reading” for the past two weeks… hence the lack of posts on my blog.

I love to read, and during the academic year, my love for reading is often stifled by reading “last minute” student essays, hammered out in the wee hours of the morning. Actually, “hammered out” is too strong of a phrase. It implies craftsmanship (e.g., blacksmithing or something). “Spewing on paper” is perhaps too crass, but more accurate. Anyway, now that I am free of the manacles of poorly written academic prose, I have been imbibing—heavily—of sweet literary nectar.

In the meantime, I have been thinking of writing a number of blogs. I have discovered that by reading—taking it all in—isn’t completely satisfying. I feel intellectually bloated. I have gorged my mind on too much turkey and cranberry sauce. I need to talk and write about what I am reading. I need to do some “spewing” of my own.

Here is the plan. First, I hope to blog a little about what I have read. Secondly, I also hope to start a journal for jotting, reflecting and private musings. Thirdly, I hope to connect with a reading partner for regular reflection, discussion and friendly chit-chat about a commonly read text. This third activity may also involve imbibing of more “earthly” nectar and enjoying “Hornblower Longbottom leaf”.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I can keep my eye on you out in the backyard in your chair. Then I know where to find you when the baby starts crying, ha ha. Of course it doesn't seem to want to be far.

barbara said...

I'm feeling great pressure now to increase the excellence of my blog. I'd hate for you to see my Fuel as "spewing"... although I suppose it wouldn't be so far off of that. I do like to use the word "hence" a lot more often. That sounds smart. And aren't you feeling kind of convicted? Weren't you too a last minute, procrastinating, typed at minute spewer of words when you were in school? That's how I got most of my A's!

We are waiting prayerfully for the big news from Laurie. Love you both (and of course J, N and K)...

barbara again said...

Wait. see how lame-o I am? That was supposed to say "typed at midnight" not "Typed at minute"...whoa. must.have.tea.