Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Reliving the Past

I have been slack on postings lately, and I was inspired by TV reruns. Check out these postings from bygone days (i.e., the last couple of years). I have been blogging since 2005 but I have yet to figure out how I can put posts into catergories... Anyway, take a look...

About Shakespeare:

Shakespeare the Pirate and pirating Shakespeare

Why Study Shakespeare

Shakespeare in the 21st century

About Literature:

Classics and the "Weak" student

Why teach kids about literature

On teaching English literature...

A comment about Fantasy and English classrooms

About writing:

Bacon, Chickens and the Art of Teaching Writing

The Art of Teaching Writing


LL said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! What a cool thing that I came across you and Laurie. My husband and I are young adult leaders at our church as well, and you teach English / Lit and I am a writer (2 novels written, 1 of which is currently being edited in prep for pitching to publishing houses).

Lastly, my husband and I grew up in Rochester, NY - not too far from Toronto! It seems our families have several things in common!

Apparently you and your wife also like Holly's blog (redeemed diva) - she and I met through the blogosphere about a year ago and have bonded on so many things...

At any rate, I really like your writing style - I'll definitely be back!

Also, if you like sites that feature discussions about writing (from a Christian worldview), check out The Master's Artist at:

Sorry to have taken up so much space on your blog! Have a great day!

Jeremy W. Johnston said...

Thanks for stopping by and for passing on the link.